Scholarly Papers

Special Issue on “Health, Healing, Hope,” Sh’ma:  A Journal of Jewish Responsibility (2011)

Special Issue on “A Loss Worthy of Grief:  Jewish Approaches to Bringing Comfort After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Neonatal Death,” The Outstretched Arm (2010)

Special Issue on “Judaism and Health Care,” Park Ridge Center Bulletin (2000)

Special Issue on “Caring and Healing,” The Reconstructionist (1999)

Special Issue on “Health Care:  Right or Privilege?,” Conservative Judaism  (1999)

Special Issue on “The Israel National Health Survey,” Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences (2007)

Special Issue on “The National Jewish Population Survey,” Sociology of Religion (2006)

Special Issue on “The National Jewish Population Survey,” Contemporary Jewry (2005)

Dr. Susan Sered, Jewish Healing in Boston (2001)

Dr. Susan Sered, The Contemporary Jewish Healing Movement  (2002)

Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, Seeking the Tzelem:  Making Sense of Dementia (2006)

Lynn D. Flanzbaum, Beyond Mi Shebeirach:  A Review of Jewish Prayers for Healing (2003)

Rabbi Julie Pelc, Jewish Prayer for Persisting:  Moving Beyond Misheberach

Dr. Elizabeth Feldman, Through a Child’s Eyes:  Reflections on Birth and Death (1999)

Gila S. Silverman & Dr. David J. Lane, Shleimut:  A Multidisciplinary Approach to Jewish Health, Healing, and Wholeness (2003)

Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland, My Son, the Doctor (2005)

Dr. Ronald Sunderland, The Congregation-Healing Institution Connection

Rabbi Peter S. Knobel, Ten Thoughts on Jewish Bioethics and Public Policy

Rabbi Daniel H. Gordis, Wanted–The Ethical in Jewish Bio-Ethics (1989)

Rabbi Nancy H. Weiner & Rabbi Jo Hirschmann, Sacred Transformations:  Understanding Pastoral Care Through Leviticus; Bibliography (2011)

Dr. Frank Heynick, Book review of The Healthy Jew (2009)

Dr. Robert Pollack, Judaism Contribution to Creating a More Humane Medical Science (2000)

Rabbi Katy Z. Allen, Awesome Days of Awe:  In the Hospital, from Shofar to Psalms, 5771 Begins (2011)

Dr. Kalman J. Kaplan & Dr. Matthew B. Schwartz, Judaism and Psychology (2010)

Margaret Richardson, Suzanne Owens-Pike, & Peter Bauck, The Bottom Line Challenge:  Demonstrating Effectiveness Beyond Press Ganey (2011)

David J. Zucker & Jolain Graf, Living Lessons in the Midst of Plagues (2011)

Rabbi Dayle A. Friedman, Walking the Narrow Bridge:  Religion, Spirituality and End-of-Life Decision-Making (2010)

Rabbi Robert Tabak, Jewish Chaplaincy:  Into the 21st Century (1997)

Rabbi Robert Tabak, The Emergence of Jewish Health-Care Chaplaincy:  The Professionalization of Spiritual Care (2010)

Dr. Dawn M. Gross, Yitgadal (2011)

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